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We have been very fortunate in receiving photographs from a great many 601 family members, and in some instances from the squadron members themselves.  It’s interesting to note that when we began this effort the belief was that not many photographs of the squadron existed.  In real fact the opposite proved to be true.  We have located an astonishing amount, and oddly enough many of them from the early years of the squadron’s existence.  Although given wartime restrictions of photography, this perhaps isn’t very surprising.  All put together it is a remarkable record of a single RAF squadron, Auxiliary or otherwise.  Very happily we also have a good mixture of both pilots and the aircraftsmen who served them so well.

Note:  All photographs on this site belong to either 601 Squadron Re-created/601 OCA, or the individuals who allowed permissions to use photographs that belong to them.  No photographs should be reproduced without written permission from the contacts on this site (although to date this has been done repeatedly).

Also note that the images and individuals are listed in simple alphabetic order for the names, then by pertinent section or grouping of photos – rather than attempting to group them by squadron timeline.  The first course of action is to get all the data we have listed, and the second is to ensure proper labeling of photographs, as currently mistakes exist.  We did not know who everyone was when we started this, and identification is an ongoing project.

In putting together this website the original idea was to put groupings of photographs only in the section of the person/family that they were from.  For instance, Brian Thynne’s photos – which are naturally of everyone within the squadron – are put under his name.  But I have decided to use photographs from different sources to provide a clearer profile of an individual.  So the photos on the page labeled ‘Guy Branch’ are from collections of Brian Thynne and Billy Clyde.  Therefore there will by necessity be repetition to keep photographs together with source, but also use them to give as complete a photo record of each individual as is possible.

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