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Thynne 1938

A French Air Force visitor to Hendon
Brian’s Demon
Which caught fire in the air and was totally destroyed
The result
John Peel and Max Aitken with a Martlett
John Peel in a borrowed Percival Gull. Spectacular view of 601’s hanger at Hendon
Hasty camouflage after the Munich Crisis
Aiden Crawley, Brian Thynne, Winkie Portman, Drogo Montague, Ray Davis, Mouse Cleaver and Roger Bushell
Brian leading a peel-off
A series from The Bystander taken by famed photographer Charles Brown
Another from The Bystander by Charles Brown

Another from The Bystander by Charles Brown

Another from The Bystander by Charles Brown
G.L.S. Dawson-Damer, Viscount Carlow – CO of 600 Squadron, Charles Lee-Steer, Michael Peacock (foreground), little Michael (?), Jimmy (?), Roger Bushell
Gerald (?) and Guy Branch
Gillo and The King (there is a better pic of this on John Gillan’s page)
Roger looking suspiciously like a horrible little corporal
Great shot at night
Philip Sassoon’s Q6 over Trent Park
Another shot of Philip Sassoon’s Q6
From a news clipping
Paddy Green
Roger Bushell at Headly
John Grandy and Michael Peacock
Max Aitkens
Michael Peacock
Pat Uniak
Poppy Pope
Charles Lee-Steere, Michael Peacock, Tom Waterlow
Tom Hubbard, John Peel and Guy Branch
Roger Bushell and Paddy Green in there somewhere
Brian Thynne, Max Aitken lying flat (I think), and Willie Rhodes-Moorehouse
Max Aitken
Max Aitken, David (?), Tony Gray, Pat Uniak and Willie Rhodes-Moorhouse
Bob Foley painting a flying sword on his aircraft tail
Sgt. Langley painting a flying sword on another aircraft
Listening post
Rupert Belville, Winkie Portman and Jack Riddle
Thynne and Aitken Airways
Willie Rhodes-Moorhouse prangs his Demon
Re-equipping with Gauntlets

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