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Thynne 1939

Brian’s Gauntlet
Gauntlet – head on
Great photo
AVM Gossage inspecting 601
Max Aitken in his new Blenheim
Blenheim head on
John Peel in a Blenheim
The Squadron moves to Biggin Hill – which was apparently flooded
with unhappy results
Camp area flooded
Steps to the bunker are a waterfall
Flooded area
Mack and Jacko (?). Good illustration of the sodden airfield
A Flight
B Flight
‘Armoured car’ airfield defense
Tom Foley and Paddy Green appear ready for anything
‘Grubby Grice’ is in his chair, ready to direct from his mobile command
Roger Bushell (right) along with some chaps named ‘Jacko’ and Oszzy seem ready to join the other side
Ozzy and Jacko overly so
Well, and Roger
The famed Atcherly brothers – Jimmy and Batchy
Charles Lee-Steere
Jack Munro-Hinds
Loel Guinness
Guinness in his Blenheim at Biggin Hill
601 Blenheims
Not sure if it was the field conditions, but there seemed to be a lot of accidents. 600 Squadron Blenheim in trouble. Written title says it all.
600 Squadron instructor takes a turn at crashing one…
Then another
Bob’s second Blenheim. Foley perhaps?
John Peel crashes one
John Peel
John Peel and Bob Foley crash
Guy Branch just loses a prop
Michael Rowley’s crash
Paddy Byrne and Max Aitken
Another crash
An Imperial Airways Hannibal crash
and is suitably decorated
Doc Williams at Biggin Hill
Ozzy (?) at Biggin Hill
Mack & Jacko at Biggin Hill
Max Aitken in his appropriately labeled Blenheim at Biggin
Brian Thynne’s Blenheim
Dashboard of Brian’s Blenheim

Archie Hope, Dick Demetriadi, Michael Peacock and Max Aitken. Haven’t been able to figure out the sign they’re erecting. At 10:30 “Little Attacks of my own” By Bushell. Not sure what it says to the left of that though.
Bob Foley
Dick Demetriadi
Gerald Cuthbert
Gillo – John Gillan
Henry Cavendish, Nono Rathbone, John Peel
Henry Cavendish
John Peel
Max Aitken
Michael Peacock
Roger Bushell
Whitney Straight
Willie Rhodes-Moorhouse
Archie Hope
Paddy Green
Rex Hayter
David – killed Nov. 1940
Tom Foley
Nono Rathbone
Michael Peacock
Michael Peacock
Mike Anderson and John Cunningham in a Moth Minor
Cunningham & Anderson
‘Heating Chamber’ – Mouse Cleaver and Willie Rhodes-Moorhouse
Heating Chamber
Miss 601
Roger Bushell and Max Aitken relaxing in Cornwall
Roger Bushell, St. Merryn Cornwall
Jimmy Little, Roger Bushell, Brian Thynne, Tom Foley, Michael Peacock and Max Aitken
Hurricane prang – no details
Another shot of the crashed Hurricane
Press Article

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