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Shrosbree, Malta and Germany

Malta 1954 – The Aussies wouldn’t let us get out of the cockpit until we had swallowed two bottles of Swan Lager….very welcome!!!
AOC’s Inspection – Malta 1953 (?) L-R John Bryant, Desmond Norman, ??, Chris McCarthy Jones, AOC + 3, Sir Mark Norman, Jimmy Evans, Peter Edelston, Peter Vannek, George Farley, Dick Smerdon
The Mohne Dam – you can see where it was repaired!!!
Denis on the right
2 Very unhappy Soviet soldiers (Nearly arrested us!!!)
Where they built the wall eventually
The Brandenberg Gate Check Point Charlie
Frank Winch, Geoff Kemp (Tiddles), Denis Shrosbree, Jimmy Evans and Len Brett arriving in Berlin
The border between East & West Berlin
Belsen Concentration Camp August 1955
Russian war memorial
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