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Thynne, Brian Sheridan


From the Peerage page:

G/Capt. Brian Sheridan Thynne was born on 29 November 1907.  He was the son of Colonel Ulric Oliver Thynne and Marjory Wormald.1 He married, firstly, Naomi Waters, daughter of C. E. Waters, on 9 October 1940.1 He and Naomi Waters were divorced in 1949.1 He married, secondly, Fernanda Herrero de Aledo, daughter of Marquis unknown de Aledo, on 10 November 1952.1 He died on 10 December 1985 at age 78 at Spain.

He gained the rank of Group Captain in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.1 He fought in the Second World War, where he was mentioned in dispatches.  He was awarded the Air Force Cross (A.F.C.)1 He was appointed Commander, Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.) in 1946.

Brian Thynne was an early member of 601 Squadron having joined in 1929 (possibly late’28).  He was an exceptional man, and while a manuscript written by Brian about his time in 601 would indicate some early trepidation about his abilities as a pilot, he would go on to lead the squadron.  It is fact that Thynne can be credited with perpetuating the ‘spirit of Grosvenor’ and preparing the squadron to a degree that they would be highly prepared and successful when war did come.  He dedicated himself totally to the Squadron, and much of what they became can be attributed to him.

Sometimes the fates are kind, and we were most fortunate to be contacted by Brian’s daughter Georgina Thynne.  She is a lovely person, and became a great friend to us.  Brian’s photo albums have become a cornerstone of the 601 database we have endeavored to create.  Just amazing stuff, and personal shots we would never have received had Georgina not reached out to us.  She went out and purchased a scanner, then painstakingly scanned each of the images for us.  Rightfully, she did not wish to destroy the integrity of the albums her father painstakingly put together, so if some of the images are not of superior quality, it can be well understood – we are indeed lucky to have them.  A very special thanks to her sisters as well, as they were often keepers of the albums and had to geographically get them to Georgina for scanning.

As the war began, Brian would leave 601 to assume a position as controller, as often happened to the more experienced men.  The end of the war saw the eventual loss and destruction of the family home and Muntham Court (in the 1960’s as so many of these family manor homes when to the bulldozers) and Brian would go to live in the sunny climate of Spain.  Brian died in 1985.

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