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Bush, E.J.

As sometimes happens, we discover someone who was in 601, but do not have a full name. The Operational Record Books (ORBs) often just provide initials rather than a full name. In this case, we were contacted by the son of E.J. Bush, but I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I never recorded a first name – hopefully this can be rectified in due course.

Bush was a very early member of 601, in fact the 47th member I believe which means he joined up in 1926 (the Squadron was formed in October 1925 – but it took a bit of time to get things going). He seems to have been a photographer, no doubt involved with the early Lewis gun cameras and aerial photography.

Bush stayed in 601 until 1935. He then was then involved with the ATC and finished his time in the RAF as a Wing Commander. His son recalls that he was always most proud of his time in 601, Hendon and his corporal stripes.

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